FSNE Journalism Contest Guidelines

  1. Log in to florida.awardsplatform.com with the username and password that have been sent to you.
  2. In the “Browse by category”  box, select a category to view the entries just for that category (if applicable).
  3. Review all parts to an entry (e.g. multiple attachments, websites, comments, etc.).
  4. Click “Next” or “Previous” to review all entries in a division.
  5. When you have finished reviewing all entries in a division click “Close” at the bottom of the entry to return you to the judging homepage.
  6. Select 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winning entries by clicking on the circles in the “Your picks” column. 
    1. Please make sure your selections are highlighted blue on the screen.
  7. We kindly request that you add brief comments for each of the three winning entries in the Comments box available when you click on the entry. Comments are required on the winning entries of the following categories: Breaking News, Enterprise Stories, Investigative Reporting and Community Leadership.
  8. Repeat these steps for each of your assigned categories.